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How to Improve Customer Experience With Video Chat 

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Customers are searching for brands that will help them solve their pain points and deliver a great customer experience as they use the services or products to solve their challenges. Having a great customer experience can nurture your customers for a long time and retain them in your business.

Customers engage more with video content, and including video chat in your customer experience strategy can help you engage more customers and convert them. This article will give insights on improving your customer experience with video chat.

Benefits of video chat

1. Increase user engagement

People engage more with video content than other content types. Using videos will drive more target customers to engage with your brand, get to know what you offer, and even convert into customers. 

2. Easy to explain business products/services

Target customers arrive at your website at different times and at different buyer stages. Video content helps brands explain their products or services to the target customers. They show them how the products work and how they can use them to solve their challenges.

3. Build trust and credibility

Customers want to know that there are real people behind a brand. Using video chat gives them confidence and motivates them to use business products or services. They know real human beings are working their best to help solve their challenges.

4. Drive more conversions and sales

Video content helps brands effectively nurture prospective customers, convert them, and drive more sales. With video content, you can boost the satisfaction of your customers as they can quickly know how to effectively use your business features and maximize the profits they get from your business. 

How to improve customer experience with video

1. Give customers quick replies to their queries

Sometimes customers will face challenges that need immediate attention. Having a great team using video chat to reach customers can significantly improve customer experience. A video chat gives customers the impression a business is run by real people, not robots, and strengthens their trust in the brand.

2. Know the best times to use video chats

Once you understand your target customers you know how they engage with the different content on your website. It gives you leverage on using video chat to engage them more as you drive your brand awareness and educate them on your products or services. 

Understanding when best to use video chat compared to other communication channels is essential. For example, when onboarding a new customer, you need video chat as they need a walk-through on how your brand works, and video content will be their best option. 

3. Use high-quality video

Target customers don’t just enjoy video content, but quality video content. To ensure you give them such content, use high-quality tools for your video creation. It will make it easy for customers to engage with the content and understand the value you show them through your video content.

4. Use the right platform

Ensure the software tools you use have the right features for improved visual communication with your customers on a video chat. Also, ensure you have access to custom settings to match what you want when making a call with your customers.

5. Onboard new customers with product demos

Your new customers can purchase your new products or services and don’t know how to use them to satisfy their needs. You can use video content to guide them to use the product’s features to solve their pain points. Create different video product demos and guide the users on using the features.

6. Focus on customer education

In addition to demos, your new and existing customers will need information to keep up with the changes in the business and how to use the product or services. Create explainer videos to educate and guide users as they keep using your brand.

7. Use captivating CTA in your videos

You don’t just want your customers to enjoy your quality video chat, but also give them a great experience with your business and guide them to take action to drive more business growth. Once you finish a call with a customer, you can direct them to the next step and help them take action that can lead to conversion and sales.

8. Invest in your customer support team. 

You want your team to give the best support to customers. Some may need to become more familiar with video communication. You can invest time and resources to train them on using video tools for customer support. 

Train the team to use body language to pass on essential information to target customers when on a call. Research shows that 61% of customers switch to competitors after bad customer service.

9. Share video case studies

New customers love to use business products or services others have used and benefited from. It helps build their trust and credibility and one best way to make this trust is to include case studies in your video chat with customers. Let them see first-hand other people who had similar challenges just like them and how the business helped get solutions to those pains and better their lives. 

10. Optimize the website for mobile use

Most people use mobile devices to access information and search for businesses that can help them solve their pain points. In addition to having quality video chats and using the best tools, ensure your business is well-optimized for mobile use. 

You can have great video chats with target customers even when they use mobile devices and effectively engage them in your brand. You can also include videos on your landing pages to keep engaging readers when they land on your website after having a call with them.


Brands actively invest in video marketing to capture target readers and draw them to their business. Customers love brands that give them great experiences, and using video chat gives you more leverage to better know your customers and deliver the best services.

Use these tips to better your customer support with video chat, build more trust with target customers engage them with your business, and convert them to customers.

Author: James Nguma, CEO at Freelancer Address.


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