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How to Choose the Perfect Explainer Video Company

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It’s no longer a secret that explainer videos have now become a staple marketing tool for every savvy business out there. From educating audiences and helping them to retain messages better, explainer videos can help you achieve your marketing goals seamlessly.

The high demand for explainer videos results in the rapid growth of explainer video production companies. If you type “explainer video company” on the search bar, you’ll find hundreds (if not thousands!) of explainer video production companies offering their variety of services.

With a bunch of explainer videos out there, it can be such a headache to choose the perfect one to craft your videos.

That’s what this post is for.

We’re going to break down some best tips for choosing the right explainer video company that you can work with.

Understand Your Goals

First thing first. You need to start with defining your own goals. Ask yourself:

  • What do I create this video for?
  • What do I expect from the video?
  • Why do I create the video?

If you know the overall goals of your video, it’d be much easier to narrow down your explainer video company lists.

You’ll have a solid understanding of what to expect from an explainer video company and what they should do to help you achieve your goals.

In other words, you can choose explainer videos whose goals are aligned with your own business goals.

Define Your Brand’s Personality

After you define your goals, you also need to define your brand’s personality.

The more you understand your brand personality, the higher chances you’ll get to work with an explainer video company that can make your brand more appealing and stand out through video.

Remember, explainer video production isn’t all about crafting stunning visuals. It’s also about the whole process on every stage where you can showcase your brand’s personality using your own brand voice.

In this case, you need to find an explainer video company that is ready to do deep research of your business and your industry. That way, they can easily reflect your business’ ‘colors’ on your video.

Make a List of Top Explainer Video Companies

There are a lot of explainer videos out there that offer you services with various styles, prices, and processes. And after you define your goals and brand personality, it’s time to sort out top explainer videos that you have a chance to work with.

To make it even easier, you can create a list. Also, a lot of sites also have already made a massive list of explainer video companies you can work with. S,o you can take a look and start with that.

Look at the Portfolios

When you have some names of explainer video companies you want to work with, you can narrow them down by their portfolios. It’d make it easier to understand whether the company is worth investing in or not.

Make sure you explore their websites and look for portfolios that showcase their works. In this case, you can understand their style of working — including the style of animations or the way they deliver their client’s messages.

By looking at their portfolios, you can consider working with one that you think has the best style.

Online Reviews

Another thing you can do before choosing an explainer video company to tailor your video is checking and reading their online reviews.

Most explainer video companies’ websites might include testimonials from their satisfied customers. But, if you want to listen to unbiased experiences, you can go to third-party sites like, Google Business, or Crunchbase.

Listening to what their past clients have really experienced while working with an explainer video company can help you understand their overall quality and final results.

Mind Your Budgets

You also need to make sure to check their packages and pricing. Make sure all the packages you choose and their price match your business’ needs and budgets.

You also might want to make sure whether or not they charge you with an additional cost or not. 

If you’re a small business with a tight budget, you can work with an explainer video company that offers you professional videos at affordable prices.

For your consideration, check out Breadnbeyond pricing.

In this case, you need to remember that a budget-friendly explainer video company doesn’t always mean that they offer mediocre, cheap-looking explainer videos. There are a lot of affordable explainer video companies that are ready to create stunning and professional-looking videos without burning a hole in your pocket.

Consider Requesting a Consultation

To make yourself more confident in investing in an explainer video company, you can ask for online consultation in the first place.

Every professional explainer video company offers a free consultation. This where you know how they communicate with you and give you their services. 

You might want to communicate your expectations and your business goals through the video. Their professional teams should know what they need to do and offer you some suggestions on video styles, scripts, and more.

You can also ask every question you have in regards to your explainer video production. It’s always better to make everything clear.

If you feel satisfied with their service during consultations, then it might be the perfect company you can work with.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an explainer video company might seem like a no-brainer. But, if you invest in the wrong one, not only will you waste your budgets, but also your time in production. This will lead to un-effective campaigns and poor results.

One thing you need to bear in mind here is that a great explainer video company will not only create a stunning visual, but it also gives you their insights, listens to your needs, researches your industry, and makes sure that the video brings all the profits you deserve.


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