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7 Reasons Why Business Needs Explainer Videos

by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Are you looking for a way to boost your business’s online presence and increase engagement with potential customers? Look no further than explainer videos.

These short, engaging videos are a powerful tool for businesses of any size or industry. 

In this post, I’ll explore 7 compelling reasons why every business needs an explainer video in their marketing arsenal. 

Read on if you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of this dynamic marketing strategy.  

7 Reasons to Invest in Explainer Videos

From boosting conversions to simplifying complex ideas, explainer videos are a game-changer for any company looking to increase engagement and drive sales. 

1. Delight Your Target Market

It’s a trend that has been consistent — people love videos. In fact, according to the latest study, 91% of people want to see more videos from brands.

Like you and me, consumers enjoy watching videos that are entertaining, engaging, and visually appealing.

If you want to attract leads and capture their attention, you can create explainer videos with a strong storyline, humor, or emotional appeal. 

The good news is that there are plenty of good online video makers available in the market today. When you look for a suitable one for your business, this curated list by Attrock can be very useful. 

Here’s one of the engaging YouTube videos from UnrollMe, a tool that helps you get rid of email inbox clutter. You can’t help but smile and relate to the pain points of people in this video.

2. Boost Engagement

People don’t just watch explainer videos. They interact with them by sharing, liking, and commenting.

In fact, compared to other content types, videos generate the most likes and comments on platforms like Instagram according to this study.

Image via HubSpot

Need more convincing? 

More than 50% of the most engaging hashtags used in 2022 mentioned videos or Reels such as #FunnyVideos and #ReelsTrending.

One of the all-time great explainer videos is from Dollar Shave Club, hailed as one of the most brilliant marketing strategies ever. This explainer video has generated 28 million views since its launch in 2012!

Of course, your explainer videos don’t necessarily have to be live-action ones to generate such engagement. Animated explainer videos such as this one from Freighty are also very effective in grabbing eyeballs.

This showreel video has already generated 229K views since its launch in 2019.

Explainer videos do not just improve engagement on social media but can do wonders for your website as well.

Including an explainer video on your website can improve user experience and increase the time visitors spend on your site.  

Explainer videos are also perfect for businesses leveraging ambassador marketing as loyal customers will find it easy to share your videos within their network.

3. Showcase Products And Services

As I’ve already said in the intro section, explainer videos are a must for every business across industries and sectors.

They are ideal to showcase the components and features of physical products. Here’s an example of an explainer video from Canon showcasing its printer.

They are also perfect for showcasing digital/SaaS products. Here is one of the 3D animation explainer videos from Med Mart that demonstrates how to use the app to find local healthcare providers.

4. Simplify Complex Information

Explainer videos can be a highly effective way to break down complex information. 

By using visual aids, a narrative flow, simplified language, and engaging content, these videos can make even the most complicated concepts more approachable and easier to understand.

This explainer video beautifully simplifies the concept of API (Application Programming Interface) with analogies and a narrative flow.

Explainer videos are often designed to be easy to understand with the language used being simplified and presented in a conversational tone. 

This can make the information more approachable and less intimidating for viewers, helping you ace your marketing campaigns.

5. Increase Conversion

Consumers love to watch videos to learn about products/services and are likely to make a purchase decision based on these explainer videos.

That’s not all. In a study, 70% of marketers said video content converts better than all other content formats they use.

By including an explainer video on your email campaigns, website, and product/service pages, you can increase conversion rates and drive more sales. 

What’s more, explainer videos are cost-effective solutions that help you control business spending and boost marketing ROI.

Explainer videos have also been shown to be highly effective at converting email recipients into customers.

These types of videos can also play a key role in converting online shoppers into customers as it provides the evidence they need to make a purchase decision. 

By showcasing a product in action, viewers can easily visualize themselves using it. Consistently producing high-quality videos across different products can build credibility and trust over time.

Additionally, creating various types of explainer videos beyond just e-commerce pages, such as videos about your company, recruitment videos, and social videos can humanize your company and create a more personal connection with your audience.

This can ultimately lead to increased engagement and trust.

6. Tell Your Brand Story  

A recent HubSpot study shows that some of the most effective types of content are the ones that:

  • Reflect brand values (63%)
  • Showcase authentic BTS (behind-the-scenes) content (68%)
  • Are relatable (67%)

Explainer videos are powerful tools for evoking emotion and creating a connection with your audience. Whether you want to highlight your brand’s story, and values, or introduce your team members, explainer videos are the right choice.

Take a look at how Ethical Coffee Chain highlights its values and commitment in this animated explainer video:

By using a combination of powerful narration, visuals, and music in your explainer videos to create an emotional tone, you can make your brand story more impactful and memorable.

Explainer videos are a perfect way to distill your key messages into a concise and visually compelling format and communicate your brand’s unique value proposition to your audience.

7. Build Brand Credibility And Authority

Now, we already know that Google prefers to show the most relevant results for search queries. 

You would have noticed that Google also displays videos in search results to improve user experience. 

Image via Google

And, if your website has a relevant video pertaining to the search query, it’s likely to show up on the first page of search results, boosting visibility and web traffic.

Explainer videos can showcase your brand’s expertise in your industry or niche. 

They can provide value to your audience by offering solutions to their problems or answering their questions. By providing helpful information in an engaging format, you can build trust and establish your brand as a credible source of information.

Ready to Invest in Explainer Videos?

As you know now, explainer videos are invaluable for businesses, providing an effective and creative way to communicate with customers. 

From improving visibility and branding to engaging potential customers and boosting sales, explainer videos can help your business stand out from the competition.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new ways to reach existing audiences, incorporating explainer videos into your marketing strategy is a great choice that will pay off in the long run.

Author: Gaurav Sharma, founder and CEO of Attrock.


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