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12 Brilliant Promotional Product Video For Marketing Campaigns

promotional product video
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A product video is considered one of the most revolutionary promotional products in a marketing campaign. With a video, customers can learn about the product rather easily as it delivers information in a fun yet meaningful way. That’s why many brands today are now gravitating towards video marketing when promoting new products to the audience.

Furthermore, there are tons of benefits companies can get from incorporating product videos. Sales, perception generation, and brand recall are some of the significant benefits of producing product videos. After all, videos help audiences remember the message way more effectively than typically written content marketing.

Although some companies have been using product videos for years, only a few have succeeded. That’s because some of them understand what the market really wants. You may wonder how product videos have greatly benefited brands in increasing revenue. You should learn from those succeeding in doing that.

These twelve brands are unique and among the best in a promotional product video game. Let’s dive in!

1. Dollar Shave Club

American men’s lifestyle brand, Dollar Shave Club, made a brilliant product video for their shaving and grooming products uploaded in 2012 on YouTube. The video gained a tremendous amount of popularity in a short period of time.

It helped them create a connection with their target audience by using a funny approach towards razors, blades, and creams. Hence, it generated more than 4,000 new customers for DSC within three days after the launch of its product video.

2. Solo Stove

This video plays a significant role in marketing Solo Stove’s Eco-friendly outdoor cooking stove. This product video is based on the green concept that conveys how it minimizes smoke and hence, protects the environment.

Product video makes a great impression on this startup campaign. With this type of content, the company can improve the way people perceive their business. And more importantly, a marketing video can boost public interest in purchasing the product.

3. Nintendo Mario Kart 8

Japanese multinational consumer electronics company Nintendo made excellent product placement to promote their new game release, “Mario Kart 8”. The core reason behind this promotion strategy was to increase the sale of Wii U consoles. The game allows users to play with their friends who are playing the same game on other consoles. These videos were very effective as they could generate more than 27 million views till now.

4. Nespresso

Nestle’s Nespresso is a popular Swiss food and beverage multinational company. It used a product video to introduce its new concept by launching an innovative coffee pod named VertuoLine. This machine can be used to produce espresso and lungo form.

This product video results had benefited the company by generating awareness about this new concept among their potential customers. It also played a significant role in developing more than 2 million YouTube views from 109 different countries.

5. Lego Life

Lego Life is an app developed by the Danish company Lego which lets children interact with each other through different scenarios. This promotional video presents the concept of this app in a brilliant way.

It portrays how children can share their imagination and creativity without much trouble and build up unique stories together. It also explained various features of this app along with its benefits for kids to generate more interest among them for using this application.

6. GE Adventure Series Drones

American multinational conglomerate General Electric (GE) used product video as a marketing tool to introduce their new series of drones called “Adventure Series,” which comes under the umbrella of GE Ventures. For example, the company’s business segment mainly focuses on faster adoption and development of emerging technologies.

This promotional video gives an overview of the new Adventure Series drone’s features and benefits to potential customers, which allows them to make better decisions.

7. GoPro Hero4

American multinational technology company GoPro used product videos to promote their latest Hero4 model of action camera in September 2014 on YouTube with the help of their celebrity ambassadors, including skater Tony Hawk, athlete Tom Daley, etc.

This product video shows how these athletes are using the features of this camera during their practice to get real-time experience quickly without having any expert guidance.

These videos created so much hype among potential customers that within two days, they were able to generate more than 13 million views on the YouTube channel.

8. Grammarly

American online grammar checking tool Grammarly created a product video in 2015 to introduce their new chrome extension version. The primary purpose was to increase the sale of their latest app version by allowing potential customers to see how this tool works in real-time.

This promotional video demonstrates the working strategy of the software through which users can correct grammatical errors just by reading text on any webpage by clicking on one button.

9. IKEA Place App

Swedish multinational company IKEA used an augmented reality product video for promoting their mobile app “IKEA Place” to generate awareness among its potential customers. This promotional video showcases how this app will work and benefit the users in real-time by showing a scenario of using it on a mobile phone.

This allows the user to place virtual furniture easily in any room just with the help of his phone camera and identify the suitable space for keeping it.

10. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a web-based survey tools provider headquartered in the USA. In order to promote their newly introduced software SurveyMonkey Audience, they used an explainer product video to help the audience understand how this tool works.

This promotional video shows how anyone using this tool can create online surveys easily without any technical training. This promotional video also achieved more than 1 million YouTube views within the first 24 hours on its channel.

11. UberEats

UberEats is a food delivery service launched by the American transport network company Uber in June 2015, which delivers food from local restaurants of different cities in just 30 minutes. They created a product video explaining various features of this app which helps restaurant owners to get promoted among its users and give their business a huge boost.

Even though many other E-commerce food delivery apps are present in the market like Swiggy, Zomato, etc., UberEats can still gain public attention due to the effective use of product video.

12. Tasty

Tasty is a food and recipe-based YouTube Channel launched by BuzzFeed and owned by Whalerock Digital Media in September 2014. They created a promotional video to promote its mobile app “Tasty” to increase its sales, which allows users to search thousands of different recipes through videos.

This video demonstrates how this mobile app is user-friendly with simple navigation through which one can easily find any recipe. So, if you want to prepare a new dish, you can type the name of the dish in the search box.

Tips for Creating Product Video [Infographic]

Wrapping Up

Today, product video has become a powerful marketing tool for companies to promote their product, services, and software among potential customers. The popularity of this tool can be judged by the fact that top-notch brands worldwide are using it to increase awareness about their products, which eventually boosts its sales.

So, if you are also planning to promote your business online, you must go for a promotional product video to engage customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.


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