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9 Practical Ways To Optimizing YouTube Posts

YouTube optimization
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Ranking as the second largest online search engine, YouTube is an excellent platform for marketers. YouTube has around 2.29 billion active users as of 2021, and 78.8 percent of digital marketers claim it is the best video platform for marketing.

A monetized YouTube channel can offer anyone a good source of income. Besides, you can market businesses on YouTube and generate healthy leads and drive sales. But you cannot expect any of these to work unless your YouTube channel and posts are well optimized.

Many YouTube SEO factors work behind the scenes to help you market your business. This article is all about helping you to understand the ways to optimize YouTube posts. 

SEO For YouTube

Just like Google, YouTube marketing also ranks content based on the quality of the content. It has a sophisticated machine learning algorithm that ranks content following the content quality and a few of its ranking factors. Here are some of those factors-

  • Watch Time: It is crucial to know how long the viewers watch a video or how long they stay on the channel.
  • Video Length: Quality content on YouTube is a lengthy video. Videos with a runtime of more than 10 minutes are mostly relevant to the search intent of the viewers. These videos can satisfy the needs of the viewers, and they have a better chance of ranking higher. 
  • Subscribers:  A channel’s authority is judged by the number of subscribers on that channel. If your channel has many subscribers, that will send a positive signal to the search engines. 
  • Users Activities:   The users’ participation by liking, commenting, and subscribing to your posts is important.

9 Tips To Optimize YouTube Posts

Here are some tips to optimize your YouTube posts to increase your viewership and watch time.

#1. Use A Keyword Into The Channel Name

You need to conduct keyword research the same way you do when posting written content on Google. With the right keywords, your audience will be able to reach your content with ease. Using a niche-based keyword in the channel name is effective.

Also, you must never forget to rename your video file with a targeted keyword before even uploading that to YouTube. 

#2. Insert The Keyword In The Video Title

Whether the viewer will watch your Video or not depends a lot on the attractiveness of the title. If the title of the Video can create interest within the users, they will click on it. So, you must put up a compelling, concise, and clear title for the viewers to understand.

Besides, Keywords play a crucial role in the title. If the title has the viewer’s keyword, they will click on the video and watch it. So the keyword in the title is crucial, but it only makes a slight difference in terms of ranking. 

#3. Video Description Optimization

YouTube videos only let you write around 1000 characters to complete the description. It would help if you remembered that the viewers click on the video to watch it, not read the description. Therefore, you need to put all the valuable info of the description only within the first three lines of the Video. 

Instead of writing unnecessary words, you can utilize this section for putting crucial links and CTA for the viewers. 

#4. Use keywords In Tags

Tags in the video relay to the viewers what your video is about. The tags can help the viewers and YouTube to understand the context and content in your Video. That is why we recommend using tags in your videos to increase the reach of your posts. 

But it would help if you were careful when you are using tags. You cannot use any unnecessary tags, thinking it may bring traffic. Google may penalize you for using an irrelevant tag. So you need to use relevant keywords besides the most relevant ones.

#5. Create Catchy Thumbnails 

Like the video’s title, a thumbnail is important as it helps the viewers understand what your Video is about. YouTube automatically generates a thumbnail for your video, but we recommend you create one and add it to it. 

According to the report by the Creator Academy, videos that have a custom-made thumbnail have a better chance of performing well. It would be best if you created a catchy thumbnail that invokes the viewers to click on. Always remember to maintain a 16: 9 aspect ratio when creating a thumbnail.

#6. Encourage Your Viewers 

Your goal is to increase viewers and maximize watch time on your posts. So, you should encourage your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel. If you encourage the viewers to engage in your posts more, you have a better chance of ranking higher through increased viewership and watch time. 

#7. Use Playlist

YouTube Playlists are great for optimizing YouTube posts. You can segment different types of videos i.e. training videos or campaign videos in other playlists of your channel. Playlists help your viewers to find a particular kind of video easily. Once the viewers enter a playlist, they are likely to spend more time giving you more watch time. 

#8. Complete The About Us Page

Your viewers need to know who you are and what type of content you are posting on YouTube. The About Us page is significant on YouTube. It helps your audience with the information about your company or your brand. Also, this page allows YouTube to serve the best snippet of content. 

#9. Consistency 

Consistency is the key to success in many fields; YouTube is no different. No matter what, if you want your audience to stay engaged with your channel, then you need to keep posting on YouTube regularly. You can post daily, or you can make weekly video posts on YouTube. If you maintain a regularity about posting, then your audience will keep in touch. 

Bottom Line

Optimizing your channel itself can help you increase viewers on the posts. You can segment your videos in different playlists. Fulfilling all the descriptions and about us sections are important for completing your channel’s optimization. 

We hope you will see good results on your YouTube channel once you have applied all these tips to your YouTube posts. 

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