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8 Emerging Healthcare Video Marketing Trends

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Marketing strategies across all industries just can’t stop evolving. The healthcare sector is no different. 

Now, video marketing has become a powerful tool in the field to engage audiences, build trust, convey information in easily digestible formats, and stay ahead of the curve. At least 91% of marketers are using video content to reach out to a wider audience.

The reason for this staggering number is that video is a format that can break down complex medical information into simple and understandable forms. 

As a result, educating patients and driving consumer engagement becomes easy. In this article, we’ll dive into emerging healthcare video marketing trends!

Need for Video Marketing in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector often deals with complex medical information that is hard for normal patients to understand. 

Using illustrations and often animation, healthcare video marketing makes it easier for patients to grasp different concepts and be more confident about the treatments. 

Video content also allows healthcare providers to present themselves as more relatable and personal. As a result, winning the trust and loyalty of patients becomes simple and easy. 

Top Video Marketing Trends in the Healthcare Industry 

Trends come and go in the blink of an eye. But amidst this whirlwind of change, certain strategies and techniques emerge as indispensable healthcare marketing tools striving to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

1. Short Educational Videos

The attention span of individuals is continuously decreasing. Long videos can be boring. Therefore, the key players in the healthcare sector focus on creating short videos that are less than 2 minutes long.

Short-form videos can help ensure quick delivery of healthcare information and make the desired impact on the target audience. Whether you want to demonstrate home exercises to patients or explain a specific medical condition, short videos can effectively capture viewers’ attention.

2. Personalized Video Content

When it comes to your audience’s attention and building a deeper connection, personalization is the key. Tailoring video content to individual patients, considering their demographics, preferences, medical conditions, and behaviors, has become the need of the hour.

The good news is that there are several ways to personalize video content. For instance, you can incorporate custom videos within the dynamic landing pages of your website or for mobile apps for hospitals. Moreover, you can create personalized videos of treatment plans, health tips, and recovery stories that resonate on a personal level.

3. User-Generated Video Content

Patients trust more authentic experiences than polished marketing messages. Therefore, user-generated video marketing content like patient testimonials, healthcare journey documentaries, and vlogs is trending. 

This genuine, relatable content resonates more with views and provides them with an authentic perspective. Encouraging patients to share their own stories can also help develop a sense of community. 

4. Augmented Reality in Healthcare Videos

The use of augmented reality or AR technology in healthcare videos is revolutionizing patient education. Wondering how? It allows healthcare providers to easily explain complex medical procedures to patients.

Moreover, it also enables them to stimulate the effects of different treatments and convince the patients better. It helps in the delivery of engaging and interactive experiences. Apart from improving patient understanding, the use of AR can also enhance their learning experiences. It ensures that patients can memorize the procedures and the treatment effects better. 

5. 360-Degree Tours of Medical Facilities

Today, patients are always in search of the best experiences. Therefore, before opting for treatment in specific medical facilities, they want to get an idea of what is offered in the facility. That is where 360-degree tours come into the picture.

The 360-degree video tours provide the patients with transparent information and familiarize them with the medical facilities. They allow them to explore different clinics and hospitals from their home, which is the right way to boost their confidence in visiting the healthcare facility.

6. Accessible and Inclusive Video Content

Healthcare video marketing prioritizes accessibility and inclusiveness. That is why healthcare providers focus on creating videos with appropriate subtitles, audio descriptions, and sign language interpretation. It makes sure that the video content is readily accessible to a diverse audience.

As a result, it allows the healthcare sector to grow its video content business and reach a wider population with ease. Ultimately, it helps expand the services of healthcare institutions.

7. Live Streaming of Healthcare Events

One of the most popular healthcare video marketing trends is live streaming of healthcare events. Healthcare organizations continue to stream events like health talks, medical conferences, and even some surgeries. It provides them with an opportunity to engage their global audience in real-time. 

Live streaming of healthcare events encourages viewers to participate actively by sharing their insights and asking questions, which will foster a sense of community.

Take Your Healthcare Video Marketing to the Next Level

The healthcare sector has become increasingly competitive recently. To stand out in the crowd and connect with your target audience, embracing the latest healthcare video marketing trends is crucial. 

Leveraging these video marketing trends makes it a lot easier for you to capture the attention of more audiences around the globe and expand your reach. Once you expand your reach, you can drive more traffic and boost the ROI of your medical facility.

Author: Harikrishna Kundariya, Co-founder, Director, & Marketer of eSparkBiz Technologies


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