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Top 10 StartUp Demo Videos Ever Made

by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

People enjoy watching videos on a daily basis because they offer a quick explanation other content don’t. With the presence of visuals and sounds, videos have become the number one option to receive new information.  

When it comes to learning the latest products, 85% of people have found that watching branded demo videos helps them understand better. Product demo videos allow them to dig more into the information they want to know before purchasing one.   

That’s why marketers have decided to use marketing videos in their campaigns. Startup videos can help marketers enter the industry without many hurdles.

If you present videos the right way, you can even use them to capture leads (just like you would when using a form builder to create forms to capture leads on a blog or landing page)

Since people have been exposed to online videos regularly, introducing your startups through demo videos will be much easier.

Why use startup demo videos?

Today, over 82% of internet traffic is video content. That means the majority of people access online videos from time to time. Whether it’s from social media or search engine platforms, videos account for the most significant traffic worldwide. 

From this point on, you know very well what marketing campaigns you should make. Incorporating marketing videos is the best option you can take to attract attention. 

Boost your SEO

Users can quickly find video content when performing a query rather than other types of content. That’s because video search results have a different section on Google search engines. They are placed on top of SERP as an embedded link from YouTube.

As a result, many will discover your brand easily since your content lands on the first SERP. 

Drive traffic 

When you successfully land on top of SERP, chances are you’re going to get higher traffic from then on. 

People don’t bother scrolling down the search results. In most cases, they would focus on the first few sites to click rather than others. 

Since video content helps you rank on SERP, more users will visit your page, resulting in massive web traffic. 

Increase conversion rates

You can convert more leads through marketing videos than conventional content, like articles. The reason is that videos can compile more information in a shorter time than a blog post does. This enables your audience to understand your brand a bit more. 

Moreover, the video itself is generally attractive because it contains images and sounds at the same time. Not to mention that every marketing video is equipped with a call-to-action to prompt viewers to take action. The call-to-action will lead people to enter to the bottom of your marketing funnel. 

Ten of best startups videos to recreate

Worry not!

Crafting marketing videos is easier if you already know what you want. You can take a look at some startup demo videos below for your inspiration.

1. Dollar Shave Club

Who doesn’t know Dollar Shave Club? This American razor company made a hot headline almost a decade ago. 

In 2012, Dollar Shave Club’s explainer video became one of marketing’s biggest achievements in history. The video was so loved ever since its first publication. People just couldn’t get over this quirky video that promoted the little razor. 

The company received a staggering sales number within three days after its explainer video launched in public. Dollar Shave Club generated over 12,000 orders from a single marketing video that took YouTube by a storm. 

2. HealMate

HealMate is a promotional piece by Breadnbeyond that evokes the mutual feeling of getting burned out in a meaningful way. 

This medical advertisement captures the typical workers’ problems, as suggested in the video. Celine, the main character, is an excellent embodiment of society that ignores the importance of health. As a result, many have experienced a diverse type of health problem at a young age. 

The 3D animated elements are perfect to represent how managing a healthy lifestyle can improve daily life. 

3. Dropbox Business

Dropbox is an excellent tool for employees, business owners, and freelancers to host files and share data remotely. With this tool, everyone can manage their file sharing much more efficiently.  

This dropbox demo video is captivating. You can’t resist watching it until the end to find out how the tool can help your work. The step-by-step guide in this explainer video makes it easy to understand the tool completely.  

4. Yellowbag 

Yellowbag is an eCommerce platform that helps you shop online easier. It allows you to save favorite products to your cart in an instant. Moreover, it lets you know when the price drops, allowing you to get the best offer ever.  

This short animated video showcases how it’s like shopping from Yellowbag. Anyone can quickly navigate their gesture on this app as well as on computers. The lively narrative emphasizes the simplicity of using Yellowbag as your shopping partner.  

5. Panorama9

This startup demo video is one example where the element stays true to the nature of the company. Using the old 8-bit animation and quirky storytelling of an IT man, Panorama9 quickly grabs its target audience the minute it goes live.

Without giving off the promotion vibes, panorama9 engages with the audience by providing them with a unique solution through retro games.

6. EtsyPlus

EtsyPlus has a look of premium-made video that can capture attention shortly. The element transition is smooth, and the color shade is perfect for emphasizing what EtsyPlus’ personality is. 

This startup demo video is so flawless that you won’t notice it’s a marketing campaign in the first place. Thanks to its clear voiceover, understanding EtsyPlus’ features has never been easier. 

7. Tripcase

You can definitely use live-action-style demo videos for your startups. 

The video from Tripcase is easy to understand. The woman explains the app concisely while walking in a busy airport. It gives off the look of what “traveling” is in the first place. Her simple narration can get every viewer engaged, allowing them to learn the function of Tripcase relatively quickly. 

8. Slack

This Slack demo video demonstrates how to navigate the app in a simple way. The voice actor narrates well so that it captures attention in a short time.  

With colorful elements used in the video, Slack tries to tell the audience how it helps your work from time to time. Moreover, the marketing video design fits the younger generation, who’s most likely the largest users for this type of app. 

9. Moov

Moov is a personal fitness app that helps you work out, tracks your progress, and keeps you motivated throughout the program. It comes in a small, light wristband that you can navigate immediately. 

Moov’s demo video showcases how the app helps anyone reach their fitness goals. Whether you love swimming, running, or cycling, Moov can support your fitness activity on a regular basis. 

10. SafeDrive

Nowadays, people can’t resist to check their phones and reply to messages while driving. This bad habit is so dangerous that it can harm other people in the process. 

SafeDrive will reward people not to text while driving. Use this app to restrain yourself from being careless and get rewards in return.

This demo video is captivating with a mix of attached images and animations. In the beginning, viewers will be given a statistic of traffic accidents. The video then spans over quirky animations that will make them smile at how entertaining it is.   

Final Thoughts

Product demo videos are vital for every startup in convincing the audience to use the product. The marketing video will quickly deliver information without leaving people bored. 

Marketing videos themselves have many types and styles, from 3D animation to live-action. Demo videos are one of the most engaging types to nudge potential customers in their buying decision. 

Looking for startup demo videos? Check out the list above before making your own. 


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