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5 Ways To Recycle Instagram Content With Videos

Recycle Instagram Content With Videos
by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Instagram has become an essential marketing tool for digital marketers. It is a platform that can accommodate all sorts of brands and give them a visual identity.

The diverse audience and variety of content make it possible to achieve all sorts of marketing goals. 

However, producing content for Instagram is relatively difficult as it takes excellent photographic, video graphics, and creative skills.

It is very tough to maintain the same quality in the content which is where Recycled content comes in.

What Exactly Is Recycled Content?

It is essentially the content that has already been uploaded. You can reupload it in its original form or make some modifications to go with the latest trends.

Either way, it will help in the growth of followers, make content go viral, and achieve the predetermined marketing goals.

You would not have to buy Instagram followers to increase the reach of content. Marketing agencies also do not have to rely on inorganic private Instagram profile viewers for their portfolios.

Furthermore, recycled content is not limited to what users have already uploaded on Instagram. You can also recycle the content that is already published on other platforms. It can include blog posts, YouTube videos, Tweets, and even Facebook posts.

Recycle Instagram Content With Videos

So, let’s take a look at how marketers and other Instagram users can recycle content and grow their following organically. 

1. Create Carousels for Long-From Content

An Instagram Carousel is a post that contains more than one video or photo that followers or other viewers can watch by swiping right or left. Desktop users can also watch carousels by clicking on the arrow buttons on the sides of posts.

As per a report published in 2020, Carousels were found to be the most engaging type of content followed by images and videos. 

You can use the carousels to share long-form content that is already uploaded on another platform. It can include blog posts, Facebook posts, eBooks, podcast notes, and emails.

You can also modify the content to divert the traffic to the original post if it is one of the marketing goals.

The best part of creating carousels is that individual pictures and videos in the post can be modified. You can create customized captions for each post using CTA to increase engagement. Let’s say the goal is to increase traffic toward an original blog post.

You can use the interesting quotes or the snippets of original content and create a carousel using them and the CTA on the last slide.

The carousel will act as a teaser and divert interested users toward the original post. It will not increase traffic towards the original post but also the following Instagram account. 

2. Create Instagram Guides for Long Posts 

Instagram Guides were introduced during the pandemic to share information related to public health. It was not available to the public back then but now Instagram has provided the access to guides to users in some regions.

Before Guides, it was not possible to link captions of multiple posts together but this new feature has changed things. 

You can recycle the content posted on the blog posts via these guides. Users can collect their past posts into scrollable sequences which can be shared on Instagram.

All of the posts on guides have shareable URLs which can be linked to other posts, stories, reels, and live feeds.

So, users can break down blogs into different captions and use the Instagram guides to roll them all back together.

This form of content is convenient for readers as they can pick whether they want to read the whole story or just a specific part of it. 

3. Convert YouTube Videos into Reel

Instagram didn’t allow video posts longer than a certain duration for a long time. But as the platform is improving, Instagram has introduced a new feature known as Instagram reels.

The feature allows users to post videos regardless of their lengths. Hence, repurposing the content made for YouTube becomes an option. 

Although the videos for YouTube can be uploaded in raw form, it is better to resize them for Instagram. The process is very simple and the internet offers plenty of free tools that can resize videos in a matter of seconds.

You just have to upload the video on the portal and it will convert the video into appropriate dimensions. Download it and post it as a reel.

You can also repurpose YouTube videos as reaction videos. This is a simple and effective way to create new content from something that already exists.

 4. Use Highlights to Save Best Content

Instagram Stories are amongst the most watched types of content. Marketers and PR agencies put a lot of effort into making these stories creative and interesting to watch.

Typically, these stories disappear after 24 hours but Instagram now allows users to save them. These highlights appear on the top of Instagram feeds which can be viewed even by viewers that didn’t have a chance to view them when they were uploaded.

You can even name different highlights to represent the content in them. Marketing companies can use them to categorize information about the product or company to make them easily accessible to potential customers. 

5. Create Short Clips to Tease The Main Content

Creating a short clip as a teaser for the Reels can attract an even larger audience. Instagram viewers do not have to click on different content types to learn about your new uploads.

You can edit the original content and create a short teaser to put it in the Instagram feed. This will show even to those viewers that are scrolling the feed just for images.

The number of audiences will depend on the content and the creative skills of the company that edited it.

The Bottom Line

Creating organic traffic is the easiest way but it is not the most rewarding or the most effective. There are better, inexpensive, and more effective ways to increase the audience.

You don’t have to buy Instagram followers or rely on fake private Instagram profile viewers for marketing campaigns.

Just use the content that is already published on Instagram and on other platforms and use the creative skills to reuse them. It will provide organic and quick growth to the Instagram profile.

Author: Carol Lavender, an Outreach Manager at FollowersCart


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