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Accelerate Your Marketing Game With The Instagram Widget

by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Instagram is a popular platform, people use it to browse content, look for new products, and even buy products directly from the platform. YouTube competes with Instagram which marketers use globally to uplift their marketing game. 

Brands are in constant search of new and innovative marketing strategies that benefit them the most. One such strategy is embedding an Instagram feed widget on the website. Instagram provides maximum exposure and enhanced user engagement to the brands. 

What Is An Instagram Widget?

The Instagram widget is a collection of all the brand’s Instagram posts in a unified presentation. Many third-party platforms have provided solutions for incorporating the Instagram feed on the website to foster business growth and nurture customer relationships. 

This is not limited to websites, you can repurpose Instagram content for your email campaigns and other social media platforms. These platforms offer you: 

  • Collect, fetch, and curate Instagram feed using connection types like mention, handle, hashtag, personal account, video, reel, etc. 
  • Customize and display user-generated content (UGC) produced on Instagram
  • Get UGC rights from original content creators and repurpose content anywhere freely and without the liability of lawsuits. 
  • And of course, the hassle-free process of embedding an Instagram feed on the website.

There are many more functionalities and possibilities offered by these platforms that you can explore. You can automate the content, integrate social media platforms, analyze and understand your audience better using social media analytics features, etc. 

Embedding Instagram on the website helps in uplifting the website’s performance and developing ROI-driven widgets through robust Instagram content. 

How Does The Instagram Widget Power-Up Your Marketing Efforts?

There are many opportunities you can use to empower your audience using the Instagram widget, but why do brands embed it on their website in the first place?

In this section, we will discuss a few of the many benefits of adding an Instagram feed to the website. 

Let’s begin with facts first:

  • There are 1 billion active users on Instagram
  • 650 million people browse Instagram content daily 
  • 65% of users visit websites of brands they follow on Instagram
  • 80% of user’s decisions are based on Instagram profile 
  • Instagram has a 15 times higher engagement rate than Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter.
  • Instagram is a visual content platform and it helps 93% of people to make purchase decisions. 

These facts reflect how important Instagram is for brands to grow their business and market their product and services. As we know there are millions of people using Instagram daily, to discover brands, explore diverse content, post reviews, voice their opinions, express an experience they had, evaluate products, and much more, making it the nucleus of growth and success. 

There is a plethora of opportunities that come with incorporating an Instagram feed on the website to drive growth and success. 

Let’s see what aspects make Instagram widgets the perfect solution for brand growth. 

1. Enhanced user engagement

Improving how your website looks is an important task for brands. And to do this, brands need to provide content that is engaging and powerful. Displaying diverse content in a widget format is your best bet. 

Instagram content is more engaging as compared to other social media platforms. Users are comfortable with the Instagram interface and trust this platform. When brands embed this widget, they gather appalling content and improve user engagement. 

2. Run brilliant campaigns

Instagram widget is an amazing way to run marketing campaigns that include social media campaigns without any extra effort. With the widget, you can turn your feed into an entire campaign to drive better engagement and expand your exposure. 

You can publish promotional banners, add announcement posts, upload interactive posts, and so much more in the widget, and reach out to a larger audience. You get the opportunity to create brilliant ROI-driven and customer-centric campaigns using product galleries, product launches, hashtag campaigns, and much more. 

3. Flaunt UGC

UGC video is the most trusted, and genuine form of content marketing.  UGC video content helps build trust and attracts customers to a great extent. It is reliable and shares authentic information about the brand in the most natural and casual form. 

Instagram is a hub for UGC, and brands can leverage them anywhere on the website to drive growth. Highlight happy customers, showcase reviews, provide product informational posts by your audience, and much more. 

4. Drive conversions 

The above benefits are milestones that are required to be achieved in the successful journey to reach the supreme destination. Conversion is when a customer makes favorable decisions. And to decide which brand to invest in, people invest their precious time in research and exploring more products. 

Instagram helps reduce their efforts and provides them with everything in one place. It helps display the products and their aesthetics, and reviews related to the product and showcases valuable information that leads up to improved conversion rates. 

Best Marketing Strategies To Supercharge These Benefits

1. Hashtag campaigns 

We have already covered the importance of UGC on the website, but what if small or new brands do not have existing UGC? Here come Hashtag campaigns!

Hashtags are a great source of collecting UGC, you can motivate users to post UGC with the hashtag, and share their opinions, images, ideas, videos, and much more. 

Social media aggregators help you collect this information into a widget and display it on the website to reap perfect results. 

2. Instagram shoppable galleries 

Some third-party platforms offer you amazing commerce possibilities. You can go beyond the basic Instagram feed widget, and make them shoppable.

Next, you can turn inspiration into a point of sale with Instagram shoppable galleries. You can shorten the purchase journey and allow them to purchase directly from the app. 

You can develop superb shoppable galleries and leverage them on the website. So, it is the perfect solution to offer interactive content uniquely and gain more than all your pre-defined goals. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram has many opportunities for brands and businesses of all sizes. You can drive customer acquisition, user engagement, brand growth, revenue generation, and improved sales with the above marketing strategy

To sum up, this blog highlights the benefits of embedding Instagram widgets into the website without making any huge investment and getting more than what you asked for in return. 

Next, we’ll inform you about the useful tool for other social media that you might need. Like using Tubics for YouTube, Urlebird for TikTok, etc. Stay tune!

Author: Deepanshi, Digital Marketing Specialist.


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