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7 Social Media Automation Tools To Assist You In Managing Your Time More Efficiency

by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Social media is a vital game changer for every business niche. It helps you create an exceptional rapport with the clients and takes the communication more social and to the next level.

Businesses are leveraging the power of social media in every way possible. Earlier, social media was just meant to be social, but today, it is a mandatory channel that gives exceptional results to businesses.

It helps you convey the right information to your audience at the right time in the right way so that the triggers give you what you want. Businesses utilize it to create personalized campaigns and track the results effectively. 

Let us understand everything in detail so that you get a better idea of relying on an automation platform to experience better growth and efficiency

What is Social Media Automation? 

As always, automation is the key to every process. It helps you reduce manpower and create an impact for your business with the power of automation.

It is controlled with workflow automation that helps you define and configure the sequence of steps or actions followed by every consecutive step.

It even allows you to create follow-up campaigns so that you can track the lead to the maximum possible extent.

There are many social media automation platforms that businesses rely on for their day-to-day activities. It starts and ends with social campaigns and establishing a personalized connection between clients and businesses.

Businesses that have harnessed the power of social media automation tools have experienced some great results that have become game-changers for their business growth. 

Through this blog, we tend to help you out with five major social media automation platforms that we have come across from diverse industry niches. We are sure you will also get the best results out of it like others. 

7 Major Social Media Automation Platforms for Every Business 

1. Yoroflow 

As the name rightly says, it is all about the flow of processes that are predefined and configured to help you reach better results. Yoroflow is workflow management software that embraces the power of technology and advancements to help you succeed with the trends. It is a no-code platform that makes it easy for people to get used to while working with it.

Not only that, but it also comes with seamless and hassle-free third-party integrations that help you to control the flow of information in a single platform. It holds the repository of your applications so that data retrieval can be much better. 

Of course, it is a SaaS platform that helps you to simplify your marketing manager to take it to the next level. Post-scheduling and tracking the insights would be the add-ons.

Personalized communication strategy, Workflow automation, and social media campaign management and evaluation are some of the key factors that help businesses to accomplish. In Addition to that, it offers you a free trial too. 

2. Hootsuite 

Meant for Enterprises helps you to schedule posts and start planning for business growth. Hootsuite is enriched with the social media integration of more than twenty channels and page access, so businesses managing multiple accounts and pages can handle it very effectively on this platform.

It also gives you a scheduler for you to plan and schedule the posts and track the efficiency of the posts with the time or platform dependencies and more. Automated suggestions help you plan better. The pricing structure varies, and the basic plan has very limited features and accounts.  

3. Buffer 

Buffer was the most preferred one. Now, it has been one of the preferred. This is all meant for beginners or small businesses that have a very limited budget to start with.

It is also enabled with options that help you to schedule the posts, engage with the audience, and also track and monitor the performance of the social platform or the post.

Moreover, it supports some of the major social media platforms and is quite a friendly option to start with for small businesses. A buffer is an excellent option for starters and solopreneurs who are passionate about trying their hands on social media automation, and it helps you to get awesome results.

It is a great option for businesses getting into the footsteps of early automation stages and getting used to it gradually. 

4. Zapier 

Zapier, in fact, is not a complete social media platform. But it is a great way to connect all your platforms into a single platform that elevates your business in many ways.

It is all meant to bridge the gap between the different platforms and help them stay connected in a single interface so that data retrieval, management, and syncing are all easy jobs for social media experts of all stages.

If you are into businesses that need task automation between different platforms, this is an excellent way to do it. It offers free or the basic plan with around 100 tasks that can be done a post which you have to pay. This a good option for budding businesses that need to automate and connect all in one platform for better efficiency. 

5. Sprout Social 

This is a leading name in social media automation tools. But it is majorly focused on Enterprises, and above because of the array of features it offers and the price factor.

It has almost all the options that you need to look at in the social media management phase. Not just that, it comes with a combined package where you have social media, all-in-one CRM automation, and reporting tools so the complete marketing management can be done all at once. 

6. Nuelink

Born out of the IT firm’s own struggle to find an affordable yet powerful scheduling tool, Nuelink has evolved into one of the best all-in-one social media management and automation tools on the market.

Social media managers, content creators, agencies, bloggers, podcasters, e-commerce sellers, and entrepreneurs will find it helpful in reducing the time and effort spent on promoting themselves on social media.

With features such as social media automation, management, and scheduling, as well as cross-posting and a pre-built content library, Nuelink eliminates the challenges of keeping up with multiple social media platforms. It’s like having a dedicated personal assistant solely focused on boosting your online presence.

7. Keyhole

Keyhole is an all-in-one social media analytics tool that more than 100,000 brands and agencies trust. Supporting top social media platforms, the tool provides profile analytics once you connect your social media profiles to your custom dashboard. You can even leverage its social listening benefits by tracking keywords/hashtags.

Not just that, Keyhole studies your profiles and fetches your best time to post with optimization tips to improve your overall presence. You can even use it for competitor analysis and see how your audience feels about you and your fellow competitors. The best part is you can level up your social media game by using its QuickTrends feature, which lets you track any trend over a custom period without running out of your monthly quota. 

Why is Social Media Automation Important for Your Business? 

A lot of reasons to think of! The first one that strikes our mind would be the complexity of repetitive tasks that can be eliminated with automation.

If you wish to grow your social media presence for your brand, then automation is the best thing to look at. Do more in less time and efficiently and with a result-oriented approach.

Every operation would require significant time and effort to get the desired results. With automation, it is just a straightforward and efficient process. Businesses tend to grow many folds with the proper usage of social media. 

Let us take a look at some of the best reasons why social media automation is important for business: 

1. Data Accuracy 

Accuracy is what every business strives for. With the perfect automation, you get it seamlessly and with ease. You get data accuracy once you consolidate all the data from multiple channels and utilize it well. 

The consolidated data helps your marketing team, to a larger extent, and hence for better decision making. 

Data is gathered from social media posts, marketing campaigns, replies, and interactions. You can compare a campaign’s performance across the different social media platforms it was executed.

2. Boosts engagement 

Every brand wants to make a connection with the audience. Social media is the best tool for that. It helps you to understand the brand voice and audience behavior, according to which you can customize the brand approach.

It helps you easily monitor and listen to your brand voice, keywords, competitors, and products. Most importantly, it helps you to boost the audience sentiment and helps you to target your product/service much more aligned with the customer preferences.

Attending to their needs and tickets quickly makes engaging with your brand much more comfortable for your customers or prospects. 

3. Give your brand presence a good hype

Wondering what it is? We all know that being online is key for every business.

With social media, you can take your brand to the social edge, making it broadly visible and accessible for all who search for your brand or competitors’ brands.

Business growth is all rely on the digital landscape now. Having said that, it had a lot of unlocked opportunities to explore. 

4. Consistency is vital 

Consistent communication is important for every brand to ensure that the brand visuals depict the brand voice or mention. Ensure to be consistent in every communication you make in the digital channels so that it makes it easier for your prospects to differentiate you and remember you amidst many options. 

5. Everything is Simplified 

Creating social campaigns is as easy as ever. From social media planning and scheduling to execution and even beyond that, businesses rely on the social media automation tool.

Most of the tools are enriched with workflow automation to ensure that the workflow sequence is configured on the process we need and can be easily customized.

It brings down a lot of manual effort as you need to configure it once, and the rest is taken care of by the configured workflow. 

6. Get Wonderful Insights  

Business is data-driven. With automation software in place for your business, it is easy for you to make wise decisions regarding results. It helps you get interesting insights that help you to thrive in a digitally competitive world with insightful data. 


So, every platform you take has its pros and cons. While choosing the best option, keep in mind the nature of automation and the result you will be concerned about, and choose the right fit that meets your goals.

Social media automation is all about automating and establishing connections and growing your business to the next level of marketing princess.


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