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Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Startup Growth

Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies that will Accelerate the Growth of your Startup
by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Digital marketing strategies are critical in today’s online world. They are one of the best campaigns to expand your business, regardless of your sector or company size. However, you’ll need the best digital marketing methods on your side to grow your business and revenue. But which strategies are the most effective for your company and remain relevant to customers today? 

Even though startups and small businesses lack the resources of a global corporation, they can nevertheless outperform their competitors. They simply need to devise effective digital marketing strategies. Small firms will have to fight with a cutting-edge digital marketing approach. So let’s look at the top digital marketing strategies that will accelerate your startup’s growth. 

The Importance of Digital Marketing Strategies 

Because the Internet has taken over the entire globe, your company must be online to be successful and attract more clients. Digital marketing is one of the most effective techniques to promote your company. Digital marketing is worthwhile since it is less expensive than television or print advertising and helps businesses grow more quickly. 

The advantages of digital marketing strategies for startup growth

  • Give a deeper understanding of your clients. 
  • Enable you to manage the conversion rate. 
  • Increase your brand’s visibility. 
  • Allow you to interact with more people online. 

Your startup may have a great idea and a great product, but if you don’t have a solid digital marketing strategy, just a few people will buy it.

Your business must be developed. There are several approaches to this. Today, we’ll look at the most successful digital marketing strategies for growing your startup, so you don’t become distracted. 

7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Startup Founders

1. Improve Your SEO 

Today, one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to appear high in search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases. The more keywords you rank for — and the higher you rank for them — the more people will notice your website and learn about it. 

The goal of SEO is to get more visitors to your website from your target demographic. Users are looking for additional top-of-the-funnel information, and consumers are actively seeking the products and services you offer. 

2. Use PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising 

PPC is a type of paid advertising that works on an auction basis. You bid on terms for which you want your advertising to appear, and your ad appears when a user searches for that keyword. If a user clicks on your advertisement, you will be charged for that click.

In other words, we can say that you don’t pay for ad space; you pay for results. PPC attempts to attract searchers ready to buy your items or services and have transactional questions. 

3. Optimize Your Content Marketing Campaign

Another popular online digital marketing strategy today is content marketing. However, it is not a sales piece; rather, it is informational. 

As a digital media strategy, the overarching purpose of content marketing is to deliver meaningful material to your target audience, increase traffic, and produce conversions. Content marketing also focuses on optimizing your content for search engines to boost your exposure in search results from a technical aspect.

4. Get Started with Email Marketing 

Email marketing aims to keep existing consumers and attract new ones. Email marketing like content marketing relies on providing consumers with useful information; otherwise, people would unsubscribe. When consumers are ready to buy, their brand awareness pushes them to choose your company. 

What exactly is the mechanism behind email marketing?

When people visit your startup page and engage with it,  you should ask them to fill out forms that need them to provide their email address or home phone number to access certain information.

You can then write emails to them with various offers using their addresses. Your primary goal is to collect potential clients’ addresses so that you can send them mailings. As a result, your startup’s mailings will be able to attract new clients and stimulate exponential growth.

5. Leverage Social Media Campaign 

Social media marketing is another internet marketing method for expanding firms. The main aim of social media marketing is to raise brand recognition, not only this but also to increase conversions. 

The following are some of the most widely used platforms for digital marketing strategies:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

In addition to using social media to market your business, this technique frequently includes advertising. 

The primary purpose of social media marketing is to raise brand recognition and conversions while also establishing and maintaining a positive reputation for your organization. 

6. Optimize For Voice Search 

Your organization improves existing and new website content for voice search using voice search optimization. 

Almost half of all adults use voice search daily. 

Analysts predict that this percentage will rise even more in the next few years. As a result, early adopters of voice search optimization will reap the greatest benefits: their websites will already rank for highlighted snippets, increasing traffic from your target demographic.

7. Use Video Marketing 

Another digital marketing method for organizations trying to increase income is video marketing. The following are some examples of video marketing videos:

  • Instructional
  • Announcement
  • Behind the scenes
  • Event

And more.

You’re trying to raise brand awareness among your target audience with any form of video you make. 

As a result, video marketing can increase conversions by more than 85%

Like voice search optimization, this method appeals to current user behaviors.

Your startup’s website will receive more significant traffic.

So, what are your plans for completing your digital strategy? 

Many businesses in this category are utilizing digital media efficiently and their search, email, and social media marketing efforts are yielding positive results. 

However, many overlook opportunities for improved integration or are dealing with the additional issues highlighted below. 

Speaking with marketers and business owners, it has been discovered that creating a digital strategy is best done in two stages. 

First, a distinct digital marketing strategy is developed. By demonstrating the potential and issues, you can gain agreement and buy-in. 

Second, digital becomes an integral part of marketing strategy; it becomes “business as usual.” Except for the methods, it does not require independent planning.

This well-known marketing structure is intended to provide managers and marketers with a clear, concise, winning marketing approach that will help them gain more clients.

Author: Himanshu Vadhwani, Founder of Dbuzzz.


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