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A Quick Guide to Social Media Video Production

A Quick Guide to Social Media Video Production
by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Social media is going video-first, and those who correctly understand how to start a social media video production will gain a huge advantage. 

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and marketers hesitate to create video content because of their inexperience and inhibitions. That’s why many marketers planning to improve their social media strategy don’t know how to make engaging videos? 

If you wonder whether it is worth starting social media video production for your followers, the answer is an astounding YES! 

But how do you make engaging videos that suit the palates of your followers on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube? 

If you are new to video marketing, the information might overwhelm you. Fret not! We have a brief guide to get you started on the right path. 

Here’s how to make engaging videos like a pro and connect with your audiences like never before. 

Let’s dig in. 

#1 Invest in a Good Camera 

The essential piece of equipment while making a video online is your camera, and make sure to invest in a good camera based on the kind of videos you will be making. 

For beginners, a good quality mobile camera is sufficient to shoot short clips or stories for Instagram and Facebook. But, you might also have to purchase an HD camera for professional videos. 

This is how you can choose: 

  • Mobile Camera: it is apt for on-the-go use and for shooting short videos like stories and reels. 
  • Digital Camera: it is great equipment for shooting all kinds of videos, including tutorials, vlogs, etc. 
  • HD Camera: go for this camera if you want to create professional and lengthy videos for YouTube or your website. 

#2 Opt for the Right Background

Your background choice can influence the result of your video. That’s why it has to be relevant to your niche and appealing to the viewers. 

For instance, if you are creating a video to showcase your recipes, an outdoor setting or a kitchen setup would be the most relevant choice. 

You can even use good software for graphic design to experiment with the background and make your video more impressive. 

While these are just a few points on making engaging videos, there is a lot more you need to learn before you begin recording. 

#3 Get the Lights Right 

Lights play a major role in elevating the quality of your videos. If you choose an outdoor location and plan to shoot during the day, make sure to have enough natural light. 

If you are shooting indoors, bring in the right lighting fixtures that can illuminate the room in a soft and cool manner. It would be wise to research and invest in the right lights. 

Your camera should be positioned at the correct angle to avoid facing the sun or lights directly. Avoid creating shadows as much as possible and focus the light on the subject. 

#4 Learn to Edit Your Videos

Video editing is as important as video creation. Here are a few tips:

Pre-Recording Preparations

Before recording a video, here’s how you must prepare. 

  1. Camera – Invest in a good mobile camera or digital camera based on the kind of videos you will be recording. 
  2. Background – The background you choose for your video should be appealing and relevant. You can either opt for a natural background or invest in artificial ones.
  3. Lights – To create a well-lit ambiance for your video, choose the right lights and focus them in the right direction. Ensure that the camera is not facing the source of the light directly.

Post-recording Editing

Once you’ve recorded the video, here is what you can do.

  1. Edit the Video – You can use a top-quality tool to edit and refine its quality.
  2. Add Filters and Effects – Use graphic design software with advanced filters and effects to fine-tune your video. Although you need to invest time in learning these skills, believe me, it’s worth the effort.
  3. Add Sound and Music – To add a bit of drama to your video, consider adding background music and sound effects. 

Check out this infographic by Attrock that comprehensively covers all the basic guidelines on how to make engaging videos for social media like Instagram, Snapchat with Snapchat plus solar system planet order, Facebook, etc.

How to Make a Video for Social Media
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Once you take care of the basics, create videos your followers will love to share. 

Author: Reena Aggarwal, Director of Operations and anSales at Attrock.


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