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Best Practices To Increase Your TikTok Ad Views

TikTok Ad Views
by Andre Oentoro Published 

TikTok Top Ads Insights is a powerful tool that can help businesses capture the attention of 150 million US users—a massive potential for brands to reach audiences active in finding the newest trend in the market.

However, creating a successful TikTok marketing campaign can be challenging, especially for those new to the platform.

One way to stand out from the competition is to leverage the insights from the Top Ads for Video Views campaigns. These insights can give you valuable information about what ads resonate with TikTok users and how to improve your ads to boost views.

In this blog, we will explore the insights from the top ads for video view campaigns and how businesses can use them to increase their TikTok ad views.

Overview of TikTok Top Ads Dashboard and Insights Tool

Before leaving this page and heading to the TikTok Creative Center and Top Ads dashboard, it is essential to understand its components. TikTok Top Ads welcomes media buyers with a library of top-performing ads that they can filter the data by region, industry, and other criteria. Businesses can easily navigate to find inspiration for their ad campaigns relevant to their target audience.

Here are some additional details about the website’s features and options:

  • Sort by Ad Objective: The website shows data on the top-performing ad based on objectives (Traffic, App Installs, Conversions, Video Views, Reach, Lead Generation, and Product Sales.) This data-driven research ensures your campaign resonates with your target market.
  • Sort by Ad format: Currently, there are two available ad formats, Spark Ads and Non-Spark Ads. This customization ensures your content aligns with your brand’s vision and TikTok ad engagement goals, especially when working with content creators.
  • Sort by Industry: Media buyers can filter the ads by industry, such as fashion, beauty, or technology. There are 21 categories and a great collection of subcategories as well.
  • Sort by Language: Catering to a global audience? No problem. Filter ads based on languages like English, Spanish, or Chinese, allowing you to craft campaigns that speak directly to your audience.

By drilling into the available ad insights, let’s use this TikTok Top Ads dashboard to curate your next best TikTok ad campaign. 

Measuring the Success of TikTok Ads Using Top Ads Insight Tools

As performance marketers, one of our goals is to create a benchmark to measure our ads’ performance. With thousands of campaign insights in one treasure box, marketers can handpick relevant ads to use as a benchmark and establish their brand ahead of the competition.

Here are some tips on using TikTok Top Ads Insight Tools to improve your ad campaign:

  • Regional & Objective Insights: Understand the ad’s region and objective. Insights under this section clearly show the target audience and the campaign’s goals. Plus, the ad caption offers a sneak peek into the creative essence and the compelling call to action.
  • Performance Metrics: Dive into metrics like likes, comments, shares, and budget. These numbers narrate the story of how the ad resonates with viewers. You can fine-tune your creative or targeting strategy by analyzing these, ensuring optimal TikTok ad views and clicks.
  • Creative Breakdown: The creative summary offers a concise overview of the ad’s elements, from video and text to audio. Pinpointing what’s working and what needs a revamp becomes a breeze with this insight.
  • Keyword Analysis: Keywords are the backbone of any ad. The insights highlight popular keywords peppered throughout the ad’s creative. Keyword analysis insights help you understand topics that captivate your target audience and craft content that drives engagement.
  • Interactive Time Analysis: This feature unveils how users engage with the ad over time. You may find key metrics in this section, such as TikTok CTR (Click-Through Rate), CVR (Complete View Rate), Clicks, Conversion, and Remain. 

With a clear understanding of TikTok Top Ads insights, you can develop campaigns that resonate highly with your audience. 

Best Practices for Creating Top-Performing TikTok Ads Using Top Ads Dashboard

Creating top-performing TikTok ads requires a combination of creativity and strategy. More than learning to gut feels and instincts, TikTok Top ads offer a more data-anchored design in approaching your next campaign launch.

Adhering to best practices can significantly boost TikTok ad views and engagement. Here’s a curated list of best practices to ensure your TikTok ads stand out:

  1. Prioritize Stellar Creatives. The heart of any ad is its creativity. Whether it is a short or long video ad form, using creative summary data, brands can produce high-quality campaigns to amplify TikTok ad reach. 
  2. Pinpoint Your Audience: There are better strategies than casting a wide net. Harness TikTok’s robust targeting options to zero in on your audience based on keyword insights and filtering ads by ad objective can result in higher returns on your TikTok ad investments.
  3. Crystal Clear-Ad Messaging: Guide your viewers seamlessly. Whether you want them to explore your website, join your email tribe, or indulge in a purchase, a clear and compelling copy is your beacon. You may check on the About this ad section and filter relevant ad objectives.
  4. Stay on Top of the Numbers. Create your own aggregated data and use it as your benchmark. These insights will help you see who’s hitting the mark and who’s not. Explore the Interactive Time Analysis section to collate all your data points. 

By combining data from the TikTok Top Ads dashboard and your team’s creativity, you are now on track to create ads and produce more engaging campaigns with higher chances of conversion. 

Never Go Out of Style with TikTok Trend Discovery

In a platform where viral videos and trends are born every minute, staying ahead isn’t just a strategy; it’s necessary. TikTok Trend Discovery can be more than handy for any advertisers. The tool uncovers a gold mine of creativity ready to launch into audiences’ FYPs. Whether you’re looking for a hashtag, a track, or a creator, this tool can provide you with ads that have generated traction in the TikTok community over the past 24 hours.

Take a glimpse of what to expect with the TikTok Trend Discovery Tool:

  • Harness Trending Hashtags: Hashtags are more than just tags; they’re gateways to visibility. By aligning your content with trending hashtags, you’re enhancing your TikTok ad views and positioning your brand amidst conversations that matter to your audience.
  • Ride the Wave of Popular Songs: Music is the soul of TikTok, and a catchy tune can turn a mere scroll into a watch, a Like, or even a Share. Capitalize on tracks that resonate with the TikTok community, and watch your engagement metrics soar.
  • Engage with Leading Creators: The creators are the heartbeat of TikTok. Connecting with influencers and trendsetters can offer invaluable insights into what’s captivating the TikTok audience. Collaborate, learn, and innovate.

TikTok Trend Discovery isn’t just a tool; it’s a compass guiding brands and creators to the epicenter of TikTok’s vibrant community. It’s about understanding, engaging, and leading the trends, not merely following them.

Navigating TikTok Ads with Confidence

In conclusion, TikTok’s dynamic platform has proven to be a fertile ground for advertisers and marketers looking to expand their reach and engagement. With tools like TikTok Top Ads and Trend Discovery, brands have a unique opportunity to tap into real-time trends, harnessing the power of top-performing ads and aligning with the platform’s dynamic pulse.

Businesses can craft compelling campaigns that resonate deeply with viewers by prioritizing stellar creatives, pinpointing target audiences, and staying attuned to the ever-evolving trends. Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser or new to TikTok marketing, these insights can be a great guide to navigating the hyper world of TikTok trends.


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