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9 Tips on How To Create a Great Instagram Bio

9 Tips on How To Create a Great Instagram Bio
by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

The internet is about making first impressions last—you only have three to five seconds to catch people’s attention.

Whether you’re posting photos or creating headlines, your content must be attractive enough to be remembered: Including your Instagram bio.

As a first handshake, your Instagram bio helps your audience decide whether to follow you or not—making it an integral part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Aside from introducing your brand, it’s also an excellent way to acquire leads

But is it possible to squeeze your awesomeness into 150 characters? The good news is, yes, it is—and it shouldn’t be complex as you thought it could be. If you’re on the hunt for how to make a great Instagram bio, keep on reading.

So, what is an Instagram bio?

Located just beneath your Instagram profile picture, your Instagram bio is a short description of you or your business. It includes your name, pronouns, a link to your website, and contact information.

Bios must be short and sweet—packed with who you/your business are, what you do, and your website: all in 150 characters!

Aside from the introduction, an Instagram bio is a great way to prompt action from your visitors. Since this includes your website, you can write a quick CTA in your sentence or even a branded hashtag for user-generated content.

Reading this might make you think that crafting a bio is an easy process but considering the limited number of words you get, you have to be extra careful while selecting words for your bio.

A good understanding of copywriting techniques can help you get a better understanding of the words and tone that you should use in your Instagram bio.

Let’s dive into the nine tips you can consider while creating your Instagram bio.

1. Include targeted keywords

The great thing about an Instagram bio is that it’s different from your username—you can include your business keywords in this section, aside from your name. A good example is this:

Rather than putting her name/username again, she put the industry she’s in (fashion) + what she does (blogger). Yes, she won’t only be searched by her username, but including the keywords “fashion” and “blogger” can increase her visibility chances on Instagram.

You can include the targeted keywords that you want to be known for, like your product, niche, or services.

2. Share your business story

There’s nothing more interesting than a story—and an Instagram bio is a great way to express yourself or your brand! You don’t have ample space to share all of them, so make sure you’re writing a short but concise one.

You can start by sharing your journey—how you got where you are now, what motivates you, what changes you want to make, or even the problem you want to solve. Good news, you don’t have to overthink! Be as authentic as you can be; after all—it’s your story.

3. List what your users can expect from your page

Are you a content creator who’s passionate about posting content about food? Why not share what kind of content you post? This way, your visitors will quickly know what’s in it for them when they follow you.

Did you know that 70 to 96% of users leave a website and never return? This could happen to social media profiles, too—so stating what your viewers can expect can be a way to retain visitors.

4. Use emojis and hashtags

Remember how it was super cool to use emoticons like this 🙂 Back in the day?

Yes, back in the day it sounded a bit too old school—thanks to the advancement of tech, these emoticons finally have colors and (almost absolute) reactions.

Emojis are the new thing, making their way into the digital marketing era as “Emoji marketing.” You can make your Instagram bio more fun and relatable with emojis! 

Using emojis can help you save time from typing, improve your bio’s visuals, and keep character count.

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5. Flaunt your awards

Flaunting your accomplishments on your Instagram bio is valuable if you’re a business owner, company, or professional providing services. Whether you’re a best-selling author, a certified fitness coach, a champion MMA fighter, or an awarded company, you can include these in your bio for added credibility.

Visitors would love to stay on a site or profile that looks entirely reliable, especially if they’re looking for a product or service.

6. Use a quote

Using a quote in your Instagram bio promotes your story and defines you, adding authenticity. If you’re not keen on describing what you do, your product, or yourself, using a great quote that speaks of you is a great way to introduce yourself and what you’re passionate about.

7. State your purpose

Why do you or your brand exist? Let your visitors know what you’re here for—and it’ll help them understand how you can benefit them.

Writing your business or page purpose can let your visitors determine if you’re helping them achieve their goals or if you have a good product.

This example from HubSpot is a specific bio that informs visitors of their business intent—and how they can help organizations.

8. Leverage the link in bio tool

Thanks to the link in bio feature, you don’t have to be limited to one external link on your bio. With a link in your bio, you can create a clickable landing page of your brand/site with unlimited button links.

This feature lets you redirect your visitors/followers to a specific page referenced in your post (articles, forms, or content with videos). You don’t have to update your Instagram bio URL every time with the link in the bio tool.

9. Create an impactful CTA

The best way to retain your visitors? Create a strong CTA. Never underestimate the power of CTAs—no matter how cliche they are. These impactful headlines urge your visitors to take action, prompting them to know what to do next. Make sure to put a short yet specific CTA in your bio—don’t forget to include an emoji and your website to direct your visitors easily!


Long, short, funny, or serious – whatever style you prefer for your Instagram bio, the only important thing is to make sure that it reflects who you are. Creating a great Instagram bio isn’t all about gaining followers but also about expressing yourself or your brand.

Author: Lexin Ann, Head of Content at PlatoForms.


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