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Google Review Widget: Know the Benefits for Your Brand

Google Review Widget
by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Being on the online market and running your business, you might be aware of the impact of online reviews on your brand. As per studies, 9 out of 10 consumers make their decision of purchase after reading online Google reviews widget. 

Out of various review platforms, Google reviews stand as the most trusted online review platform. Therefore many brands showcase Google reviews on their respective websites. Many tools in the market equip brands’ websites with a dedicated Google reviews widget. Moreover, these tools provide some simple steps to embed Google review widget on the website.

The Google review widget works as an operational block on respective websites, enabling brands to showcase reviews seamlessly. This adds functionality to the website, and helps in various other ways.

In this blog, we have handpicked some of the critical benefits of having a Google review widget on the website, which might convince you to embed Google reviews on the website. Because if you aren’t using the Google review widget on the website, you are missing out on a lot.

Amazing Benefits of Having Google Review Widget on Website

As we mentioned before, the Google review widget can be a game changer for your brand and business, and if you aren’t using it, you are letting go of the opportunity to get an edge over the competition. And here are some key benefits of using the Google review widget.

1. Works to build credibility for the brand

You all know, the competition in the market is fierce, each brand is working on different aspects to make their products and services stand out from the crowd. But ultimately, the decision is made by the consumers.

One can spend millions of dollars on advertising or improving their brand, but eventually, make all the difference. In simple words, customer reviews can make or break a brand. And therefore having credibility in the market can take a business to new heights.

To build credibility in the market, as it is vital to have positive reviews, it is equally important that your customers read about them. By opting to embed the Google review widget on the website, your potential customers can easily read all the positive reviews, which can eventually help build credibility for your business.

2. Holds visitors to the website

The more time visitors spend on the website, and read more about your business, it is likely they might develop an interest in your brand. Google review widget comes in handy for this purpose as well. Rational customers have the tendency to look for reviews and read as much feedback as they can before making their purchase.

With Google reviews already available on your website, and tools providing scrollable feeds, your website visitors can look through all the reviews your business has received on the Google review platform. It can hold your visitors on your website, sparking an interest in their minds and eventually helping you generate sales.

Moreover, as they won’t be surfing other websites, it is less likely that they will develop an interest or knowledge about other brands, keeping your brand on their minds for a long time. With tools such as social media aggregators, you also have the feature to moderate the content and eventually remove the content that might have the name of other brands, and keeping your brand at utmost priority.

3. Reduces the bounce rate of the website

One key parameter to get a better ranking on the search engines is bounce rate. Bounce rate is the number, usually measured in the percentage of visitors who navigate off of the site after viewing only one page. And to get a better search engine ranking, a website should have a lesser bounce rate.

Carrying forward the last benefit or point made above, about the consumers tendency to read all the reviews, and staying on the website, due to Google review widget, it is likely that it can reduce the bounce rate of your website. The more time customers spend on your website, the bounce rate decreases, ultimately helping you reduce the bounce rate of your website.

4. Increases visitor engagement on the website

With the Google review widget, your visitors can stay engaged with your website. And that is usually because they tend to get all the details they want about any particular brand on a single website.

They can get the knowledge of any specific product or service of your brand on your website, if you provide it; they also have the option to buy. And eventually, if they have trouble making decisions, they have a Google review widget to read feedback from previous customers.

In total, they can stay engaged on your website, which can be great for your brand in creating an online reputation and recognition. Also, if your consumers have all the needed information and actions available on the website, imagine the traffic it can accumulate.

5. Builds a review cycle

To build a robust reputation in the marketplace, it is essential to have more reviews for the brand. With Google review widget, your website visitors can read the reviews, and at the same time, it can inspire your other consumer to write reviews for your brand.

Some might write to appreciate your work, some might write about the suggestion or some might even write to get a mention on your website, no matter what the reason is, you eventually get more reviews and hence can stand strong in this market. 

In The End

One cannot ignore that online reviews; especially Google reviews have a huge impact on customers’ decisions on making a purchase. By providing them the needed information on your website, you not only save the time of customers, which they usually spend on surfing the internet for reviews but also makes your brand stand out from the rest.

You can use tools such as social media aggregator tools that help you add Google review widget on your website, enjoy the mind-blowing benefits mentioned above, and more.

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