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How to Create Business Explainer Videos for Maximum Impact

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Business explainer videos — The landscape is changing. We’re heading toward a digital age, and with this, traditional marketing strategies will soon become obsolete. This trend has made companies look for new and creative ways to attract customers, and marketing is becoming more crucial. 

Thankfully, some creative promotion tools have emerged to help businesses. One powerful tool is business explainer videos. These are short animated, live-action, or whiteboard videos used for educational, marketing, or other purposes.

They’ve become popular on online platforms and among today’s audiences as social media users are more engaged in short video formats. Businesses have been leveraging this moment, which leads to 49% of brands using short-form videos.

Now, we understand why they’re so popular for marketing. However, how can you drive maximum impact and engagement with explainer videos? Before we go into the vital steps, let’s examine their advantages.

What Advantages Do Business Explainer Videos Offer?

Explainer videos offer several benefits beyond just making complex concepts simpler to understand. Listed below are a handful:

  • Boost conversion rates: By encouraging viewers to take action, such as registering, buying, or learning more, explainer videos increase conversion rates.
  • Improves SEO: Social media posts and longer website visits from visitors increase search engine optimization.
  • Enhances Retention: Explainer videos combine visual and audio components, helping viewers to recall information better and more easily. 
  • Higher ROI: Explainer videos also provide a better return on investment than alternative techniques since they raise conversion and retention rates while enhancing brand awareness.
  • Versatile: They can be used for various purposes, such as educating audiences, training employees, onboarding new users, branding, and more.

How to Achieve Engagement with Business Explainer Videos

It’s time to delve into some effective strategies for making explainer videos more engaging. These methods will help you capture and retain your audience’s attention. Let’s dive deep into them:

Identify Your Objective

Everything starts with a goal. Without a clear objective, it’s difficult to create an accurate strategy or technique. The same goes for explainer videos. You need to define your objectives.

What do you want to achieve with explainer videos? Is it for educating the audience? Or do you want to drive brand awareness? A clear objective will help you tailor your video content and create the maximum impact by using explainer videos. Thus, figuring out your objective is mandatory.

Recognize Your Audience

Before you start getting creative, you have to decide who your target market is. In-depth marketing research can reveal more about their demographics, preferences, and pain points. Determine what inspires them. 

Additionally, having such expertise will help you adapt your writing, images, and tone of voice. You will be able to obtain maximum interaction from your viewers. Without identifying the target audience, it is nearly impossible to achieve the maximum impact. 

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling combines narration, animations, and graphics to help you deliver engaging content. As a result, it will help you achieve engagement. Here are three steps to create visual storytelling:

1. Craft a Compelling Script

Even with world-class video quality alone, you may not be able to interact with your audience. The reason? Perhaps the video script. Explainer videos are completely dependent on their script. Therefore, it’s not only essential but mandatory to craft an engaging and concise message. 

Moreover, the time frame should be considered, as business explainer videos are short-form videos. Focus on delivering the key takeaways only and eliminate the irrelevant message. Use a conversational tone to keep them hooked while maintaining clear and simple language.

2. Engaging Visuals

We now know that a script is undoubtedly the backbone of visual storytelling. However, we cannot deny the importance of engaging visuals. They are equally important in attracting and gaining the audience’s attention. 

Use unique animations, vibrant but soothing colors, and fascinating images that resonate with your brand identity. Don’t include overly fancy visuals. Keep the visuals consistent and harmonized to make an attractive explainer video.

3. Narration and Voiceover

When creating an animated explainer or even a whiteboard video, voiceover is a crucial aspect. Imagine an animated video with only subtitles and no narration. It would drive less engagement compared to those with voiceover narrations.

Both subtitles and narrations are important parts of visual storytelling. They can have a significant impact on the overall video performance. They can increase the chances of interaction as well as drive engagement. Select a voice that will represent your brand. In simple terms, create a voice for your brand. It should be clear and match the video dynamics. 

Alternatively, you can take the help of voice talents. They are experts in explainer videos. A qualified marketing maverick will take care of visuals, script, and even voiceovers, leaving you stress-free.

Call to Action

Last but not least, a call to action is a way to guide the audience. It directs them to act. It could be directing them to visit your website, subscribe to your newsletters, or directly make a purchase. Explainer videos never come alone but always with a call to action.

A clear or straightforward call to action should be included at the end of your explainer video. It will help encourage users to make a step. In short, a practical call to action in an explainer video helps you get the desired outcomes.

Business Explainer Videos: A Conclusion

Explainer videos have proven their worth over the years. Go-Globe reports that 97% of companies think explainer videos improve consumer understanding of their brand. Further, the findings reveal that 95% of people view explainer videos to learn about a product or service.

With the world shifting to digital space, the power of explainer videos will only increase. Follow the above-mentioned key steps and create a business-driven campaign to generate maximum impact. Make your business stand out and achieve its goals in this competitive digital landscape.

Start with understanding your audience, crafting a reliable script, taking care of visuals, and ending with a call to action. There you go! With these elements, your explainer video is ready to drive maximum impact and engagement.

Author: Komal Kokate, Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility


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