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8 Reasons Why Product Launch Needs An Explainer Video

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by Andre Oentoro Originally published   ·  Updated 

Marketing has taken to explaining videos quickly. Website marketers will tell you that explainer videos are the best marketing tool available.

Your websites will suffer if you don’t consider explainer videos when managing your website. Explainer videos are the next generation of online business.

Their simplicity is the secret to their success. They are easy to understand and make both sides happy. Explainer videos are a great way to get the buzz you want for your website.

I believe explainer videos are the best investment you can make for your website. You can look at the latest trends to see if you disagree.

Your business will only succeed if your visitors understand your ideas. The best way to do that is to communicate with them in the simplest possible way.

Boring websites that only contain content is not a good idea. It’s time for you to offer something different, something more.

If you are still skeptical, consider human psychology. It states that the human brain can understand and grasp audio-video content better than text-only content.

It’s not hard to love TV more than reading newspapers or listening to the radio. This post provides a detailed understanding of the best practices in video marketing as used explainer videos professionally.

1. Videos are more popular than any other type of content

Customers prefer videos to be their content in the digital age. A study shows that 31.3% of internet users want to see how-to videos, while 29.8% require instructional videos.

Customers can now view high-quality explainer videos on various platforms and gadgets, thanks to the emergence of innovative platforms. These videos enable customers to examine the characteristics and features of products/services in 3D. It allows them to make purchasing decisions quickly.

2. Easy Explanation of Complex Topics

It is difficult to explain all products in detail as some technical products, such as software and specialized equipment, require detailed explanations.

Users will be more inclined to purchase the product if they understand its use. A survey showed that 98% learned something after watching an explainer clip.

To make your customers understand the importance of your products and services, use creative and engaging images, characters, and so forth.

If you are selling online courses, an explainer video helps your target audience understand your online system better.

An animated explainer video is an excellent way for your brand to introduce your character to real-life situations. Customers will enjoy watching your characters solve problems with your product or service.

3. All are encouraged to engage in the content

Explainer videos for product launches are a great way to engage people from all walks of life and reach diverse demographics. You can attract your audience’s interest with simple modifications to existing graphics, moreover, if you can generate product concepts as well as in the ideation process.

Animation doesn’t necessarily have to be cartoony. You could use motion graphics to make characters or logos animated. The animated explainer video is not new, but if done right and with visual appeals, it can profoundly impact your audience and make your campaign or business stand out.

4. Cost-effective and Time-saving

Research shows that 41% of marketers don’t use video because they are financially strapped. Renting high-tech cameras, studios, and actors can break the bank.

You can still get the job done with video animation services. You only need a monthly or one-time subscription from a trustworthy and affordable animated video service provider.

It is not necessary to spend too much time on product launch videos. You only need to hire a trustworthy explainer video company. You will receive the task done by the provider within days.

5. Highlighting the ultimate advantages for the customer

One of the most significant advantages of video material is that it shows the product in its natural environment. It allows you to explain all or part of the product’s features to help the customer understand it better.

The purpose of these product descriptions is to connect the product’s functionalities to its consumer advantages, using visuals to demonstrate how it may efficiently satisfy their needs.

6. It helps to build strong relationships with your audience

The power of narrative is used in video content to develop trust and strong relationships with your audience. Stories are strong enough to show your audience that your company understands their problems and is willing to solve them.

It is particularly true when you use an animated explainer film. You may develop characters that match your target demographic based on buyer profiles using animated characters and events, giving your viewers a sense of identification.

Cartoon situations can build a sentimental relationship between your audiences and your business since they remind them of the cartoons they grew up watching. This nostalgic link links your business to happy feelings, the ultimate purpose of all product launches.

7. Boost Sales and Conversion

Increasing trust and engagement with the audience through explainer videos can result in more sales and conversions—the 80% conversion rate increases by including product videos on your website or landing page.

You can reach a broad audience worldwide by sharing them on social media. Explainer videos are your sales channel. You must also guide your audience in the following steps.

8. Increase Web Traffic SEO

Video embedding can dramatically increase web traffic. What is the most critical factor in your online business’ success? Traffic is an essential factor. It is traffic.

If your page includes a high-quality video, Google will love it, and you will experience a spike in organic traffic. Search engine visitors will be 50% more likely to locate your site if you 

Include a product launch video in your content. If the video is compelling, it will also encourage people to spend more time on your site.

It will send more good signals to search engines, perhaps increasing ranks and organic visitors.

The nice part about organic traffic is that you can use search engines to target your audience. They will be more inclined to interact with your material and purchase your stuff if it is worthwhile.

Additionally, around 1 of 4 online buyers stated that they searched YouTube videos before making a purchase.


If done correctly, animated product launch videos can be a great idea. You must consider the audience, your message to competitors, and your USPs.

It would help if you found a trustworthy animation video production firm to ensure you succeed. It’s not an easy task, but it is worth it. Numerous top B2B and B2C companies have successfully launched animated videos. You can do the same. So, get started now!

Author: Vaishak S from Learnyst


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