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Ways To Increase Sales With Real-Time Email Validation

real-time email validation
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Have you ever done an email validation? As a web user, you must have come across websites that ask you to enter your email address and password twice while signing up.

Some will also send you a test email and ask you to click on it so that they can verify it. There is a huge drawback of this practice as the prospect is most likely to lose interest or simply give up and abandon the sign-up form.

This is a classic way to lose leads and is not good for your business. Therefore, you must think of something to not lose leads. 

There are ways of making the prospect’s entry easy and at the same time not having to sacrifice the accuracy of the email address and that is by real-time email validation at the point of collection and making the sign-up task simpler. 

Simplify the sign up process 

You already read that when you ask visitors to type their email and passwords correctly, you run the risk of losing prospects. This holds good even for asking them to click on a link you sent to the email they entered.

You can simplify the process by asking only for the email first and allow the visitor to take a look around your website for a while before asking them to fill in the other fields.

Using this approach you need not make the visitor do much hard work in the initial stage itself and can enjoy more conversions. 

Using real-time validation

With the help of email verification API, by using an email address verifier directly at the moment of collection, you can ensure that your mailing list contains only legitimate email addresses, and that your mailing list will be more effective.

If you are wondering what real-time email validation is, don’t worry, we have you covered. 

Real-time email validation refers to checking whether a sales pitch email address is accurate, deliverable and valid. An email verification tool will perform the task for you after carrying out different checks.

Most often email validation software carries out SMTP validation, DNS record validation and syntax validation. 

Boosting Sales With Real-Time Email Validation

Here’s how you can boost sales using real-time email validation:

1. Remove invalid addresses

With a real-time email validation tool, you can get rid of email addresses that are invalid. As you use this tool right at the initial capturing stage, the chances of a visitor signing up with an invalid address are fewer. 

2. Dip in bounce rates

As a valid email address will get into your contact list, the bounce rate will be low and that will help enhance your sender reputation and the deliverability rate.

This will make emails from your domain hit the inbox of recipients and not get caught by the spam filters. This way your email campaign will be a hit and fetch you better results in the form of more sales. 

3. Measure campaign performance

After validation, you know that all the emails are sent to real and deliverable addresses. Therefore, you can use the actions of recipients to measure the actual performance of your email campaigns.

If you observe a drop in the click-through rate, you can understand that there was something in the emails that the readers didn’t find too attractive. You can make the necessary tweaks in future campaigns and increase sales revenue

4. More sales and better ROI

A clean mailing list has fewer but valid email addresses and you will be reaching out to well-targeted prospects through your emails. The chances of the recipients finding your email relevant to them are higher and that can lead to sales. This way you put your resources to good use and the ROI will be high.

Benefits of email validation beyond boosting sales 

Other benefits of email verification include the following,

1. Save data storage and emailing costs

By keeping your mailing list updated, you ensure that there are only valid and accurate email addresses in your list. This means you don’t have to bear the cost of storing invalid addresses which can be a considerable saving for you.

In addition to that, you can save the expenditure involved in sending emails to invalid addresses. For those who don’t know, there is a cost involved in emailing too.

Though email service providers don’t charge you usually, there is expenditure involved in crafting the email plus the cost of the tool that you use for automating outreach.  

2. Minimal spam complaints

Spam complaints are also less as you are sending emails to targeted prospects who will find your emails relevant. This is one reason why you will face fewer spam complaints when you choose to carry out the verification of your list from time to time.

Your sender reputation and email deliverability will also stay intact which is very important. 

3. Prevents penalty

When you update your list regularly there are lower bounces and spam complaints. This will make your ESP recognize you as a reliable domain.

Such behavior will save you from penalties and fines that ESP’s usually impose on those whose campaigns return too many hard bounces and complaints. By maintaining list hygiene you are doing away with all the unnecessary trouble. 

4. No need to fix bounces

When you run email campaigns, it is important to set up a system that removes the email address from the list when there is a hard bounce. Failing to do so will attract a penalty from the email service provider and can even lead to blacklisting or a ban.

When you have a verified list of email addresses, there is no need to worry about hard bounces. Therefore, your investment in an email verifier can be worth it. 

The Final Word

By checking email validity of your contact list you can reach out to prospects with valid emails thereby reducing the chances of a hard bounce. That saves you from penalty and maintains your domain’s sender reputation and deliverability.

Having said that, you must note that by making your emails land into the inboxes of prospects instead of their spam folder will give you the opportunity to close more deals. Therefore, by real-time validation of emails, you can increase your sales.

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